Our poor dogs are under attack from these terrible parasites. We currently have over 550 dogs that urgently need to be treated with Bravecto ® (or NexGard Spectra ®) as tick infestation reaches critical level. The only way to get the infestation under control is to treat ALL our dogs simultaneously, but the total cost for this is over  357,000 THB and we just do not have the money to pay for this.

We are manually removing ticks and showering the dogs with anti-tick shampoo, however the ticks appear to be immune to this and simply return the very same day. The sheer volume of ticks is NOW so dangerous it’s imperative that we treat ALL our dogs to avoid them contracting tick borne pathogens such as protozoa, rickettsiae, bacteria and Flavivirus species. These pathogens can cause serious illness leading to many diseases, most commonly anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, rickettsiosis in Thailand.

1 Bravecto Tablet costs 650 THB (approximately $21 USD) and provides up to 3 months protection for that dog. Please consider helping our dogs by sending boxes of Bravecto or NexGard Spectra (slightly more expensive) directly to our shelter address, or donating towards the cost.

Thank you so much from all the doggies at Saved Souls Foundation!

Donate via Bank Transfer:

Bank details Switzerland:
Saved Souls Animal Sanctuary / Tierheim
Ban Fang
IBAN CH17 0900 0000 8027 1722 9
PostFinance AG
Kto-No. 80-271722-9

Important note:
For donations from an EU country, please make a SEPA payment in euros on our Swiss postal account. This eliminates high foreign transfer fees.

Bank details Thailand:
Kasikorn Bank Central Plaza Khon Kaen
Saved-Souls Foundation
Kto-No. 033-8-13623-4
Bank Code: 004
Address: 99 Central Plaza Shopping Center
Building 2nd Floor
Si Chan Road
Nai Muang
Khon Kaen 40000

Important notes:
Transfers from Switzerland or the EU to the Thai bank incur bank charges. On request, we will of course issue a donation receipt.