Support us

Thank you for your continued support, we could not have carried on without 'your help'.

“It is support that sustains us on the journey we have started”
Marci Shimoff


At Saved Souls Foundation we have over 300 dogs who are waiting to be seen and moved to a forever home.

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All our dogs were rescued from lives of misery, from pain, from abuse and suffering. They are way overdue their share of care and love. YOU are the one with the power to give them what they need. Come and join us!

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support our efforts

We always need support to look after the 500+ animals in our care. Please help us to help them. No amount is too small!

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All kind of supports are appreciated….

300 club

Club 300 is an exclusive membership, limited to just 300 members that support our handicapped / disabled dogs.

Medical Sponsor

A large amount of work we do cannot be done at the center and has to be done at a private clinic which is very expensive for us.

Project Sponsor

We have several projects we would like to complete over the year.

Food Sponsor

With over 550 dogs and 45 cats to feed we are always in need of food!

Building and Maintenance Sponsor

Our kennels and runs are in urgent need of updating and renovations. A large amount of money is needed to improve our centre especially to the runs that house the dogs.

Supplies Donation

We are always in need of all kinds of donations to help us in the centre.