Welcome to our sponsorship zone! We have many dogs and cats that unfortunately are not suitable for adoption due to their intensive care needs and therefore need your help! Could you find it in your heart to sponsor these beautiful animals?


Betsy was rescued by SSF after she was found on the street of the busy city. At that time she was already partially paralyzed so she experienced a car accident or she was beaten by people…whatever have happened to this beautiful dog, it made her very shy and timid. we do our best to socialize with Betsy and provide a good life to her. LOOKING FOR A SPONSOR


Hexe was found on the street in front of a supermarket together with her daughter. Both of them were rescued by SSF. She is approximately 5 years old. Hexe loves to be active and play with all her friends, including both people and other dogs. She is very tricky and knows how to steal your heart immediately. SPONSORED !