[Saved Souls Mobile Clinic launching] 🚑🐕

On 16th of March 2020, Saved Souls Foundation’s new Mobile Clinic completed it’s first project!

From 9am to 8pm, 3 veterinarians worked hard to sterilize 17 dogs from a temple in Ban Non Muang. Thank you to all the people involved, the vet assistants, the volunteers, and especially Urs, who donated to make this project a reality.

In Thailand, too many dogs leave on the streets because they are not sterilized. Many of them end up mistreated or disabled because of car accidents. We try to welcome as many as we can in the sanctuary but we can’t save them all.

Even though we are going through very difficult times here in Saved Souls, Urs chose to donate to sterilize those dogs leaving in an overpopulated area.

We hope we will be able to keep going with the Mobile Clinic, but for now the future is compromised due to a lack of donations.

Please, donate here:

Also register to our 1€/month donation, already 71 people joined!
https://www.teaming.net/savedsoulsfoundation-thailand Thank you 💞