Medical Sponsor

We managed to build our own clinic among the sanctuary. The clinic allows us to bring sick or injured animals and cure them. It is also a big asset for us as we can now sterilize our beloved dogs and cats, to avoid new undesired pregnancies, as we already have too many street animals to save. 

Therefore, we constantly need medication such as analgesia to ease the pain of badly injured dogs and cats. Some pain killer is essential to us but it is extremely expensive. Quite often, we run out of it while some animals are deeply suffering, making us unable to help them. 

We also lack of technical equipment to operate properly animals who need surgery. Sometimes, they have to wait days or weeks in the clinic before getting their surgery done. 

Medication is really what we lack the most, as it is so expensive. Donors are the ONLY ONES who can help us purchase MEDICATION AND EQUIPMENT to keep our clinic running 7 days a week. Any time, you can become the angel who will ease the pain of a deeply suffering dog or cat by donating.

Each month the costs for running the practice and for vet bills and medical care for all our animals come to more than we have available.

A large amount of work we do cannot be done at the center and has to be done at a private clinic which is very expensive for us.

We are also always in need of medical supplies and this includes :

  • Medicines
  • Infusion pump for IV for administration overnight
  • Yearly vaccinations
  • Blood test machine for diagnostic purposes
  • Wound dressing supplies
  • IV fluids
  • Microscope to measure for bacteria and parasites

Please consider donating and supporting us

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Wound Dressing

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Basic Medication

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Deluxe Medical Donation

Emergency / Intensive Surgery

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