Club 300


Club 300 is an exclusive membership, limited to just 300 members that support our handicapped / disabled dogs.

Our goal is to reach 300 members, whom each donate just 1 Swiss Franc per day for the whole year (365 CHF), every year.

Why donate for
disabled dogs?

Saved Souls Foundation are a no-kill shelter. We believe EVERY animal has the right to live and just because they are old, injured, unwanted or disabled does not mean they should be killed. We provide the specialist care and loving forever home these animals deserve as it’s extremely rare we are able to find suitable homes for adoption of our disabled dogs.

Why do we have so many disabled dogs?

                     Most of our disabled dogs are victims of road traffic accidents and sometimes horrific mistreatment. The driving style of road users in Thailand does not meet western standards. After an accident, the animals are usually left at the roadside to die a slow and painful death. Ones that do survive are rarely taken to the vet and often end up with irreparable injuries, such as paralysis of individual limbs or amputations of a leg. Because of their disabilities they require special care, which is why kind people that find these suffering animals contact Saved Souls Foundation for help.

What happens to my annual support donation to be an exclusive member of Club 300?

ALL donations received from Club 300 membership is used purely for the daily care of our handicapped / disabled dogs. This includes medicine, veterinary treatment, nutritious food + supplements, wound care (specialist dressings) and physiotherapy.

What do I get?


You become an exclusive member of the Club 300. Your kind yearly contribution helps provide a home to those that alone are not able to survive without our help. You will be giving them the opportunity to thrive and live a dignified, secure life with the love and support they need.

As a member, you have the choice of whether you would like to be mentioned by name on our website or prefer to remain anonymous. As a non-profit organization, we depend on your valuable contribution as we do not receive any government support.

Providing the best possible Animal Welfare standard is a big challenge for idealists. If one dreams, it remains a dream, when many dream, the dream becomes reality.

Consider be a 300 Club Member

Thank you from all of us disabled, old, injured and unwanted dogs.

Saved Souls Foundation