Building Repair and Maintenance

Our sanctuary is home for more than 550 dogs, 30 cats, 4 pigs and ducks. To keep running such a big-size sanctuary implies daily maintenance. Not a day passes without the need of fixing something broken. When things are not broken, we also often need to improve them. 

Our staff is constantly busy with taking care of the dogs and keeping the sanctuary a safe place for them. For our employees to keep doing this in a safely way, they need good quality materials and tools, which are very expensive. 

We would desperately need donations to allocate money to our general maintenance budget, to keep our sanctuary a nice, comfy and secure home for our numerous animals. 

Please, help us by donating.​

One Time Donation

Monthly Donation

General Repairment
Fix Bamboo Tables
Balance the floor

Monthly Donation

Runs Maintenance
Fix the fences
Fix the doors

Monthly Donation

Help us Build new runs for the dogs and cats

Always help someone because you might be the only one who does

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