About Us

Our Mission

We believe in providing the best quality of life for all our animals. We cook fresh for them everyday. Our swimming therapies are very important especially for the disabled dogs, even the regular trolley driving does them very well.

All our dogs are sterilized and vaccinated. We also carry out regular sterilization campaigns sterilizing the dogs and cats living on the street. Only then can we prevent unwanted offspring.


Saved Souls Foundation





Our story

Saved Souls Animal Sanctuary was founded in 2010 by Gabriela Leonhard. She is Swiss and lives in Thailand. The shelter is located in Ban Kok Gnam in the province of Khon Kaen, in northeastern Thailand. The shelter was built on a 6 rai (9’600 m2) plot. On the 9th October 2017 we became an officially registered non profit organization called Saved Souls Foundation, registration number 1/2560.

Over 500 dogs, 45 cats, 4 pigs and numerous ducks have found a new home with us. Most of our dogs are rescued from the dog meat trade, accidents, abuse or neglect. Many disabled, blind and old dogs find a final home with us.