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We are a private animal shelter located deep in the heart of Thailand, where dogs rescued from the illegal dog meat trade, abusive situations and accidents, as well as other animals have found a new, loving home. Many of these animals come to us so traumatized that they have lost all trust in mankind. It may take years of intensive socialization before these dogs are ever ready to trust humans again.


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Saved Souls Foundation
Saved Souls Foundation is at Saved Souls Foundation.
Another awesome week with our volunteers 😀

Thank you guys for all your hard work it’s been a tough one as the weather heats up but our dogs really do appreciate it 😁💕🐕

This week we averaged 250 dogs out 🙏and managed a few early morning pack walks. We also took a lot of our disabled dogs out to enjoy the grass 🐕

Great team effort again by all 💕
Saved Souls Foundation
Saved Souls Foundation is at Saved Souls Foundation.

Little Harley's wounds are healing and she is in good spirits after being in the clinic this past week 💕

Her broken bones have started to heal but she had a long way to go and treatment will be expensive😔

She has been able to sit up on her own, and even wag her tail every once in a while!

Thank you to everybody who has donated so far for her care it, it really means so much to us 🙏

We are still in desperate need of more supplies to clean and dress her wounds and to help stave off infection.

Your donations will ensure this baby gets the care she needs to make a full recovery 🐕

Please consider making a donation to Saved Souls Foundation to help keep this sweet girl and our other puppies healthy🙏

Saved Souls Foundation

☎️ (thai) +66 838053806 (english)





📬 113 Moo 4 Ban Kok Gnam, Ban Fang, Khon Kaen 40270
💸 Paypal :
Saved Souls Foundation
Saved Souls Foundation is feeling happy at Saved Souls Foundation.
Cotton has been adopted 😃

Cotton has now been renamed Teaspa ❤️ and will be going to live in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Our wonderful volunteer Marta fell in love with Teaspa when she volunteered with us over Christmas 🎄

We are so happy that this lovely pair found each other at our centre 😁

Thank you Marta Negro for giving this sweet girl a forever home 🙏

We have so many wonderful dogs here for adoption please consider opening up your home and heart for one of our dogs ❤️🐕❤️

#adoptdontshop #rescuedogsarethebest
Saved Souls Foundation
Saved Souls Foundation is feeling thankful at ขอนแก่นปลาตู้ เพ็ทมาร์ท.
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ขอนแก่นปลาตู้ เพ็ทมาร์ท
Wow wow wow!

65 bags of food donated yesterday by our amazing volunteers in just 24 hours and another 9 bags by local donators. That is fantastic 🙏😀

We are so happy to know our dogs have dry kibble for the next month thanks to the generosity of our volunteers and supporters ❤️

Thank you to KhonKaen PraTuu pet shop for supplying the food and giving us good service 🙏

Javier and Mo collected enough from their family and friends for a whopping 44 bags 🙏

Friends of Rescue - Thailand and our other volunteers Elise , Su, Michelle and Espen collected enough for 21 bags 🙏

KhonKaen Rock climber Group donated 2 bags 🙏

Thomas family donated 3 bags 🙏

Khun Phakasawan kindly donated 4 bags 🙏

So that makes 74 bags in total in just 24 hours 💓

Thank you so much we are bursting with gratitude.

Our volunteers and supporters really are the best💓
Saved Souls Foundation
Saved Souls Foundation is feeling happy with Javier Guzman and Muane Vaca at Saved Souls Foundation.
We would like to say a really big thank you to this weeks volunteers 😁

The dogs were very happy with 270 dogs taken out in 7 days 🙏🐕🙏

Amazing team effort by all 😁

We hope to see you again 💕🇹🇭

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Here are some of the kind organisations that have helped Saved Souls Foundation. Whether it’s a donation of old towels, dog or cat food, medicine, flea & tick treatment, bedding, wheelchairs, sending volunteers, providing veterinary training or helping to fund a project, our animals NEED and APPRECIATE every little bit of help!


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